A Guide to Help You Pick the Best Air Purifier for Your Loved Ones

Holidays are around the corner. This is the time of year when people start purchasing gifts for their loved ones. If you are going to purchase an air purifier for someone you love, we have some helpful tips for you. If you want to purchase the best unit, you may be able to use this guide to your advantage. Read on to find out more.

1: Set Your Budget

Just like anything you purchase, make sure you have set your budget first. The price of the unit will vary based on a lot of factors, such as the capacity, filter type, features, and brand of the unit. If you don’t have a flexible budget, we suggest that you go for a product that is available to purchase for less than $300.

2: Consider the Needs of the Recipient

Your next move is to consider the needs of your recipient. If you are going to purchase this unit for everyday use, we suggest that you go for a unit that comes with a HEPA filter. On the other hand, if your loved one has a specific need, we suggest that you consider a specialized unit.

For example, if they are more prone to respiratory issues, such as allergies and infections, we suggest that you get a UV purifier for them. The devices are designed to neutralize viruses and bacteria.

3: Think About the Available Space

Another primary factor is to consider the available space in the office or house of the recipient. For example, if they need a general-purpose unit for a small apartment, you may want to consider a filterless unit.

On the other hand, if they have plenty of free space, you may consider a bigger unit that features a higher airflow rating. These units are powerful enough to cover a large face.

4: Consider Extra Features

Lastly, we suggest that you consider additional features that they will just love. For example, some units come with an indicator that turns on when the filter needs to be replaced. This will allow the user to change the filter so that the device continues to work properly.

So, you may want to consider these features before you place your order. These features may not be important to you, but your friend may just be over the moon.

Long story short, we suggest that you consider these four tips if you are going to purchase a gift for your loved one on these holidays. Since the air is full of pollution during winter days, nothing can make a better gift than an air purifier. Therefore, you should consider these tips before looking for an online or physical store to make your purchase decision.

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Usability, Accessibility, and Configurability in a SaaS-Based Portal Package

Insurers who resist change and continue to depend on their aged Policy Administration Systems are missing out on the amazing advantages offered to them by the new age SaaS-based PAS which offer amazing advantages and enhanced usability, accessibility and configurability. This article addresses these aspects and lists the advantages offered by a PAS to enhance the competitive edge of an insurer. All PAS systems do not offer such advantages and some actually fail to replace the legacy system, wasting the time and resources of an insurer and setting them back. Hence, it is important for an insurer to be well-informed and aware of the capabilities of a PAS and the benefits offered by adopting it.

Insurers who stay dedicated to their timeworn Policy Administration Systems fail to realize that their devotion is affecting their competitiveness in the market by slowing their services down and restricting their ability to introduce new products to the market.

One way to reverse this slow and steady deterioration is to adopt a Saas-based portal which will be your new Policy Administration System. Enjoy its support across the value chain, from product development to the payment of benefits and administer the insurance products with unsurpassed agility. This is possible with a well-designed SaaS-based product because of its usability, accessibility and configurability. Let’s explore each of these advantages in detail, so that you will have clarity on creating that business case to suggest its immediate adoption:


1. The program offers framework modules, which can be licensed independently or together, offering unlimited flexibility and cost savings to a discerning user.
2. Offers flexibility in customization and deployment, and supports multiple clients, currencies and languages.
3. Its modules are extremely intuitive to use as it requires no coding.
4. Allows you to administer all types of insurance products, like P&C, Auto, Life, Health, Specialty, Warranty, Pension, Annuity, etc. without having to code anything; saving significantly on time and costs.


1. Available and hosted as a Web application or can be hosted on the cloud.
2. The Agent portal is integrated into the Policy Administration System to support Agents and Direct customers.
3. Allows data upload and import of Excel files
4. Makes integration with third party and payment processes easy and flexible.
5. No Programming is needed for attaching forms and printing data on forms.
6. Generates policy data as tokens and prints the real-time policy data on forms.
7. Easily uploads rule-based forms.
8. Maintains a repository of Base forms, Coverage forms, ACORD forms, exclusion forms for various product lines and maintains them separately in different file subnets for ease of access.
9. Can integrate with multiple policy processing systems primarily through APIs or XMLs.
10. Organizes forms according to the form type.
11. Allows configuration of forms for the printing of policy data as per the existing (customer’s) templates.
12. Generates placeholders or tokens to be placed on the forms for policy data at the time of form generation/printing.
13. Attaches forms based on the user-defined sequence.


1. It is a self-service product, which uses role-based configuration, and standard workflows which can be configured by users to their unique business needs.
2. Issues and stores all policy data and documentation as per the product model and enables changes and modification to be completed in a matter of hours, instead of days.
3. Product versioning allows a single product to be maintained using state-specific, agency-specific and customer-specific screens, with the workflows being defined by user’s role.
4. Business users can easily configure changes, without intervention from DB administrators.
5. Users can build new products from scratch easily, and without much effort or loss of time.
6. Users can define Carriers, Agents, Brokers, Distributors and their business information along with mapping their producers and products.
7. Supports all policy transactions from Quick Quote, Policy Submission and Bind, Account creation, Quotes, Policy Administration, Endorsements, Renewals, Cancellations, Reinstatements and Rewrites.
8. Standard Policy Statuses and next Actions allow customers to configure the workflows as per their need and bypass the policy statuses which do not match their business need. Automated out-of-sequence endorsement comes as an additional feature.
9. Its rating module allows the maintenance of multiple rating tables without duplication, delivering faster response and improved performance due to the execution of rule-based rating steps, increasing the hit rate and ensuring better performance.,
10. Integration with inbuilt underwriting module, rating module and forms module delivers fast responses from each supporting module and complete the quote/policy transaction in no time.
11. Its underwriting module integrates with multiple systems, allowing the business rules, regulatory rules, and user-specific rules to be configured in a single location and makes its maintenance easy. It supports searching of existing rules, decision tables, and scorecards and defines assignment rules and sets due dates.
12. Its reporting module allows users to generate the reports manually and also to trigger reports by defining the frequency of reports automatically. It also offers many standard reports and enables users to configure customized reports.
13. Offers role-driven dashboards for Carriers, Agencies, Brokers and other Distributors.
14. Provides flexibility to integrate with any external system as well.
15. Supports both manual and automated policy processing.

Visualizing the benefits in time, money and resources from adopting such a system must be really easy after this detailed explanation. Talk to us to set up a demonstration of these capabilities and benefits to understand how they can help to improve your business processes and flexibility. That would help you to make an informed choice and avoid paying an exorbitant price for an ineffective product meant to replace your legacy system, but offers no return on investment and may even affect your business continuity.

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Best LIC Policy For A New Born Baby Girl, LIC Children Plan

Today, the cost of education right from early childhood is rising rapidly. Insurance policies can be a good way for parents to deal with this expenditure. For a newborn baby girl, LIC Children Plans can prove to be the best fit.

1. New Children’s Money Back Plan

This plan helps you to fulfill a variety of needs of children at different stages. The basic eligibility age for this plan is minimum 0 years (time of birth) and maximum 12 years. The total age at maturity is 25 years.

This plan is an individual policy plan.
Maturity benefit will be provided which would be equal to the assured sum and other applicable bonuses.
The premium would be paid quarterly, monthly, annually or half yearly
The minimum sum assured is Rs. 1, 00,000
This policy covers maturity benefit, death benefit and survival benefit.
In this plan, the premium amount is paid at regular intervals. The child receives 20% of the total sum at 18 years of age, 20% each year again at 20 and 22 years of age and the remaining 40% is provided at 25 years of age.
2. Jeevan Tarun Plan

This plan can be a good option for children of 2 years or less. This plan has a limited pay option. You need to pay the premium until the child attains age 20 and the policy is continued until the child is 25 years of age. It is the best lic policy for new born baby girl.

The covering of risk budget can be started when the child attains 8 years, or 2 years from the starting date of plan or policy, whichever comes first.
The premium is to be paid until your child reaches 20 years and you can get the payout after 20 years of age till age 25.
The rest of the sum is given as maturity benefit when the policy terminates. There is also a death benefit of sum which is 10 times the annual premium or 125% of the assured sum. You get the one which is higher and minimum amount of 105% of total amount of premium is paid till the date.
The minimum sum assured is Rs. 75,000.
3. Jeevan Umang Plan

This plan gives insurance coverage for lifetime. This plan facilitates regular payouts from the last payment of premium till survival. If the customer dies within the period of the policy, a fixed amount of money is to be given.

The survival benefit is paid each year, which is 8% of the assured sum.
Other benefits like rider benefit, death benefit, maturity benefit and tax benefits are available.
The minimum age for entry is 90 days.
The terms for paying premium are 30, 25, 20 and 15 years. The maturity age is 100 years with the birthday which is nearest.
The minimum assured sum is Rs 2,00,000.
Premium payment is via NACH or SSS only which is paid yearly, quarterly, half-yearly and monthly.

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First Things To Do After a Home Fire

Going through the experience of a fire at home is something that no one wants to encounter in life. Those who do have the misfortune of their home catching fire, there are certain steps that must be taken to get everything back to normal.

Below is a guide that explains the steps to take after a home fire. These processes can help ensure the home is brought back to its original condition without financial hardship.

Get Help

Before doing anything else, a homeowner must ensure that their property is entirely secure. That means calling for help if there is still an active fire and letting the firefighters do their work.

Make sure that everyone is out of the house. Sometimes people who are on the other side of the house may not hear the commotion. Then the firefighters can do their jobs and ensure the fire stops.

Assess the Situation

When the fire is out and there is no immediate danger to property or people, homeowners should take a moment to assess what has happened. Look around the interior and exterior of the house to see where damage occurred.

Only when a person takes a proper look through a house can they understand what may have happened as a result of the fire. If smell is an issue, airing out doors and windows can help to eliminate that odor before it begins to stick to the walls and furniture.

Consult the Insurance Provider

Put in a call to the insurance provider of the homeowners’ policy on the house. Insurance companies prefer to know about an incident as soon as it happens.

The insurance agent may ask the homeowner to take photographs and videos of all the damage to the inside and outside of the property. Such photos can help with filing an insurance claim.

Most companies can process claims within a few days, but there may be a delay if there was a recent natural disaster in the area. Remain patient while this process concludes.

Call a Restoration Company

When things are squared away with the insurance company, the next call should go to a damage restoration company. Homeowners need to hire a professional fire damage restoration company after a fire, as these experts can assess damage to the property and recommend the ideal solution.

Property owners should also consider hiring companies that offer environmentally-friendly restoration services. These professionals have the tools and expertise needed to carry out a green restoration – one that cleans and renews without adding any harmful material to the environment of the home or business.

There may be temptation to try and fix damage from a fire without consulting with a professional. Such a step is a mistake, as it can end up causing more financial hardship down the road.

Bring a Home Back to Its Original State

By connecting with the insurance provider and then a home restoration company, homeowners can ensure their property is repaired in the best way possible.

Taking such measures does not leave anything to chance, as the insurance company should pay for all the work being done by the green restoration professionals.

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The Significance of Pure Air Inside Your Home

Have you ever climbed up mountains? If so, what do you do when you reach the top? Most people open their arms, close their eyes, and take a deep breath. That is the special thing about clean and fresh air. You feel like taking a pause and inhaling fresh air. Over the past year, we have faced several waves of coronavirus. These days, we have been warned about another wave of this virus. Therefore, the importance of clean air has been increasing day by day. In this article, we are going to find out why air quality is important when it comes to our indoor environment.

The impact of pollution on your indoor air

No matter where you go, you will have to face the consequences of poor quality. Even if you are alone in your home, you will still be prone to polluted air. Every year, more than 1 million people lose their life because of air pollution.

According to some reports, India is among the top 10 countries in the world with the worst air quality. The effect of polluted air is more evident as people spend over 90% of their time inside their homes. Another research study found that residents are at a greater risk of covid-19.

As a matter of fact, indoor air pollution has become an international concern. We can say that pollution levels inside and in closed spaces are up to five times higher. Since most pollutants are not visible to the naked eye, you may not be able to aware of the dangers of dirty air.

Indoor air pollutants may be generated by common household items, such as cleaning agents, cooking fuel, furniture polish, pet dander, and paint. Apart from this, domestic appliances such as refrigerators and heaters may also be the common source.

Since homes are not airtight, air pollutants can easily get in. For example, smog, smoke, mold spores, and dust can get into your house through your windows or doors. Air conditioners can be used to cool down your rooms. But the downside is that they can also boost the movement of pollutants across your house.

What can you do to purify your indoor air?

Basically, air purifiers are simple devices that receive dirty air and put it out after passing it through powerful filters. Nowadays, you can choose from hundreds of air purification units available in the market. They are based on a wide range of technologies. They are available in different sizes to cover rooms of different sizes.

Nowadays, most types of air purifiers depend on HEPA technology. Initially, this technology was introduced in the 40s in order to capture pollutants from the air. Although these filters have been used for the filtration of particulate matter, they may not be that effective when it comes to eliminating volatile organic compounds.

Therefore, if you are worried about your health, we suggest that you invest in a type of device that comes with a HEPA filter. With these units, filtering your indoor air will be a piece of cake. Therefore, you can count on these devices to and ensure clean air inside your house.

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