Why Real Estate Marketing Fails Too Often

“Real estate marketing,” especially in real estate investor marketing, is an essential ingredient to finding motivated sellers and potential deals. If you don’t spend the time and money doing it correctly, you have just wasted your time and money! There’s not any reason to think that big results will happen from little invested. Just like the old saying, “If you sow sparingly, you’ll also reap sparingly.”But just “casting your seed to the wind” doesn’t work either! It must be well “targeted,” just like any other real estate marketing and it must be direct to the target.It must be personal. You ask, “How personal can I get with someone I’ve never met before?” Do your homework. What kind of information can you get about the targeted prospect you’re mailing to? What matters to them? What are they fearful of? What are they trying to avoid? How do they feel about the subject matter you’ll be presenting in a letter or postcard to them?The other “features” that every real estate marketing plan must include is: What benefits are you offering that your competition may not be? How are you going to solve their problem? If they have no problem, then you can’t expect to get a response from your mailing. Maybe they’re not ready at the moment of the reading of your offer, but they may be “down the road.”This is where the importance comes into play by how personal you can communicate in the letter or direct mail piece you’re sending. If they sense you’re just like every other “vulture” out there, trying to wait till they’re drawing their last breathe to pounce on them like a lion on deer, then you will have wasted your time and money! Plus, you will have assured failure in future mailings to the same prospect.When you write to a potential prospect, keeping it “real” is the absolute best way to approach in your writing style. Too many “so called” guru experts fail to mention how important this is. It’s not about who you are and what you can do for them and how quick you can do it. So many think on the level of “I’m the greatest and you’ll of course want to deal with me because I’m going to make you a deal you can’t refuse.” People are desperate at times, but even then, they will NOT deal with someone they don’t like or trust! Why should they? It’s strange how sometimes when we go out with our “real estate investor marketing” caps on, we seem to forget that we don’t have to “play a role” like a Hollywood actor, but just be ourselves… unless, you’re just a mean son of a gun!”Real estate marketing as an investor is different than being a “Realtor” and marketing, but there’s something they do, that we as investors should start to pick up on. They work to develop “personal connections” with their potential prospects. How much time and money do some of them spend? LOTS! Have you ever asked yourself if it works?The answer is of course…. YES! The ones I know that send the little “tips” newsletters are always keeping “themselves” in the forefront of your mind. They know that they’re “establishing” a relationship with you and that when you or a friend or family member need a Realtors services, no matter when that may be, you will automatically think of your “friend.” Notice, I said you’ll think of your “friend!” Have you had lunch together recently? No. Do you hang out at the ball park together? No. Do you even call each other every other week? No. But that doesn’t matter because with “personalized,” “consistent” contact (via newsletter), he/she have developed a psychological and emotional bond that “creates a level of commitment” on your part to call your friend when you need his services. Somehow, our conscience wouldn’t have it any other way. Think about these crucial little “keys” in your next efforts in real estate marketing. You’ll be glad you did!

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